Board and management

WHV Centauri is a handball association, for and run by students. At the moment the association has about 60 Dutch and international members, who are active at the association in various ways. At WHV Centauri we have a board as well as several committees, which help with the organisation of certain activities throughout the year.

Board 2019/2020

The board of 2019/2020 consists of 4 members:

  • President – Kaylee Springer
  • Treasurer – Rianne van Straaten
  • Vice President & Secretary – Jasmijn Benschop
  • Commissioner of Tournaments – Laura Wetzel

Centauri Activities committee

This committee organises our fun activities every period under the supervision of Jasmijn Benschop and Laura Wetzel:

  • Jasmijn Benschop
  • Laura Wetzel
  • Joan Sabaté Llorca
  • Lorenzo Olivi

Centauri party committee

This committee organised our first big own party under the supervision of Kaylee Springer:

  • Kaylee Springer
  • Pascal Außendorf
  • Lisa Wiering
  • Ylva Eriksson
  • Lars Stegemüller