Board and management

WHV Centauri is a handball association, for and run by students. At the moment the association has about 60 Dutch and international members, who are active at the association in various ways. At WHV Centauri we have a board as well as several committees, which help with the organization of certain activities throughout the year.

Board 2023/2024

The board of 2023/2024 consists of five members:

  • President – Joris Hörchner
  • Vice President & Treasurer – Merel Benschop
  • Secretary – Alisa Kroon
  • Commissioner of Activities – Lisl van der Schaar
  • Commissioner of Tournaments – Marnix Pietersma

Get to know the Board


Hi! My name is Joris. I’m 20 years old and currently in the 3rd year of my bachelor biotechnology. I am a member of W.H.V. Centauri since September 2021 and this year’s new president. My handball ‘career’ started when I was 6 years old in my hometown Breda, where I stopped playing competition this year, by lack of enough motivated players. Next to playing handball, I am a member of the student orchestra WSKOV, playing the French horn, like to play (board)games, cook and play other sports. I am very motivated to continue the wonderful journey of W.H.V. Centauri since Covid-19 and would love to start playing competition with W.H.V. Centauri next year!
Picture Joris

Vice president & Treasurer:

Hi, I’m Merel. This year is my third year of the bachelor Nutrition and Health. I started playing handball already when I was 6 years old. I always thought it was a fun sport and I still enjoy playing it. In addition to playing handball, I like to meet up with friends to eat, chat (a lot) and play games. After being the commissioner of tournaments last year, this year I will be the treasurer. In my already two years at W.H.V. Centauri I had a lot of fun during the trainings and drinks afterwards. Also, I really enjoyed the tournaments and other matches we attended.
Picture Merel


Hi all!
I am Alisa, 19 years old and I am in my second year of the bachelor International Land and Water management. This year, I will be the secretary of Centauri. Last year I joined Centauri, because it was no longer possible for me to play at homehome. I have played handball now for about 10 years and I intend to do so for many more years. Besides handball I like making music, hanging out with friends and reading. I joined the board this year, because I had so much fun with everyone at the association last year, that I want to help maintain the great atmosphere and improve the association as much as we can!
Picture Alisa

Commissioner of Activities:

Hi my name is Lisl!
I’m 20 years old and have just started my second year of my bachelor Plant Sciences. I discovered my passion for handball just before COVID and wanted to continue pursuing it when I came here to study in Wageningen. So, upon arriving, I joined Centauri to further develop my skills in the sport. In addition to handball, I also play soccer, and on weekends, for fun, I sometimes participate in a “kaatswedstrijd” (a Frisian sport ;)). Apart from that, I really enjoy skiing. Whenever possible, I travel to Austria to give ski lessons and, of course, to have a small vacation in the Austrian mountains.
I’m really excited for this board year and organize a lot of fun activities!
Picture Lisl

Commissioner of Tournaments:

Hi all! My name is Marnix and I am 21 years old. This year is my fourth year in Wageningen. I have just started my double master’s programme. These programmes are Biology, with a focus om biomechanics, and Forest & Nature Conservation. I started playing handball at eleven years old. I stopped playing, just before the covid pandemic hit. I have been a member of W.H.V. Centauri since June 2021. Because I don’t play competition in Arnhem anymore, I have loved playing at the past tournaments. As Commissioner of Tournaments, I will make sure that we have a team at each of the major tournaments, including the GNSK and an international tournament. Besides handball, I am a member of student association SSR-W. Furthermore, in the weekends I work as a cook in a pancake restaurant in Arnhem. This year as a board member, I look forward to attend several tournaments and organise practise matches.
Picture Marnix