Board and management (old)

WHV Centauri is a handball association, for and run by students. At the moment the association has about 60 Dutch and international members, who are active at the association in various ways. At WHV Centauri we have a board as well as several committees, which help with the organization of certain activities throughout the year.

Board 2022/2023

The board of 2022/2023 consists of 5 members:

  • President – Fabian ter Riet
  • Vice President & Secretary – Martijn de Ruijter
  • Treasurer – Joris Hörchner
  • Commissioner of Activities – Angela Hegen
  • Commissioner of Tournaments – Merel Benschop

Get to know the board


Hi! My name is Fabian, I am 22 years old and a second-year master student at Environmental Sciences. I am this year’s president and together with the other board members we are going to make it a great year for W.H.V. Centauri. I started playing handball since my sixth year and I am currently still playing competition in my hometown Breukelen. Besides handball and the board, I am an aviation fanatic, my dream would be to become an air traffic controller. I have the coolest student job which is driving a lot of amazing cars as a chauffeur and valet parker.

My reason for joining the board is to be part of the uplift of the association after COVID. I am goal oriented and have a dream for the association which I would like to contribute to. Apart from this I would like to gain experience for my dream job.

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Vice President & Secretary

Hi! I’m Martijn, 22 years old, and close to finishing my bachelor Biosystems Engineering 🚜. I’m this years secretary and will take the roll of president if Fabian is not there 😉. Before starting my study in Wageningen I played handball in Rotterdam for 8 years. I only joined Centauri last year after not playing handball for 3 years, I still regret not playing for that long.

Besides handball I’m really involved in the AID. It even came to the point that took a year off from studying and committed to organizing the AID last year because I love introducing new students to all Wageningen has to offer.  As board member of Centauri I hope to continue this and motivate members to get involved in the association and Wageningen Student Life 😁

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Hi! My name is Joris. I’m 19 years old and currently in the 2nd year of the bachelor biotechnology. I am a member of W.H.V. Centauri since September 2021 and this year’s new treasurer. My handball ‘career’ started when I was 6 years old in my hometown Breda, where I currently still play competition. Next to playing handball, I am a member of the student orchestra WSKOV, playing the French horn, like to play (board)games, cook and play other sports. If you have any questions regarding contribution, costs or declarations, I am the person to contact.

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Commissioner of Activities

Hi all!

My name is Angela and I will be the manager of activities and PR this year. I’m 21 years old and in my third year of the bachelor nutrition and health. My study is related to my hobbies; fitness and snacking 😊. During the week I play handball at Centauri and in the weekend I go back to my hometown in Drenthe to play in a handball competition with my team. I’m also the treasurer at a committee called the Foodcie at the study association of nutrition and health. I’m excited to start this board year and I’m sure I will organize a lot of fun activities this year!

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Commissioner of Tournaments

Hi, I’m Merel.  This year is my second year of the bachelor Nutrition and Health. I started playing handball already when I was 6 years old. I always thought it was a fun sport and I still enjoy playing it. In addition to playing handball, I sometimes participate in athletics, and I like to meet up with friends to eat, chat (a lot) and play games. In this year board I got the function of commissioner of tournaments. Last year I really enjoyed the tournaments we attended, and also because we don’t play any competition, I really appreciated the organised matches. So, this year I hope to make sure we attend other nice tournaments and organise some matches for both the gents and ladies!

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