Lustrum 2017

Lustrum 2017 – 27th & 28th of October

After a lot of forgotten years, the moment was finally there: the 9th lustrum of Centauri was going to be celebrated! For this special event, there was reserved a whole weekend (including a Sunday to recover from hangovers). To celebrate the past 40 years of Centauri, the weekend started at the 27th of October with a lustrum drink at the Bunker. The evening that Friday started with a quiz about Centauri, handball in general and the era of when Centauri was established, to test the knowledge of all members and former members who joined us that evening. Everyone was really fanatic because they of course all wanted to win the amazing price: ‘champagne’ and a beautiful medal. The rest of the evening was full of dancing, beer and more dancing. After an amazing start of the lustrum, it was time for the second part: the lustrum tournament. On this day, even more former members came back to Wageningen to catch up with each other again after some time. The day started too early for some of us, but we started calm with a clinic for the youth in which the children played handball-related games and the older ones learned the techniques of playing handball. After that, it started to itch again for the former members and there was a mixed tournament with current and former Centauri members. Good old habits and tricks came up and it was a pleasure to see the nice games! Hard work deserves a reward, so there was a drink and tasty Italian dinner in the sports pub of the Bongerd afterwards. After nice chatting and a couple more drinks, the afterparty was in the city centre where the party lasted till deep in the night.



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