Trainings and Corona: What is up in Period 1

Welcome old and new Centauri handballers! 🙂

It was great to see new faces during the AID but we cannot wait to start training! As you know, we have open trainings every Wednesday from 20h30 until 22h30 and competition trainings Tuesday from 21h00 until 22h30.

You should all have received an email about the conditions of us training at De Bongerd. The main point to remember: please sign up for training !

You can add your name to the list sent in the Whatsapp group or send an email if you are not yet on the Whatsapp.

Please send your email to:

As for clinics to freshen up on handball rules and skills, you can join us on Monday of weeks 2, 3 and 4 between 21h and 22h in hall 4C. Let us know by email that you will be there!

Good luck during your first week of Period 1 and see you at training!! 🙂

xx your 2020/2021 board

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